Why do we need 2 & 5 ?

2&5 Shop

Norlane is a northern suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Norlane is located approximately 7 km from the Geelong central business district and approximately 70 km from Melbourne.

Lack of Fresh Food

Outside of the Corio Shopping Centre, there is only fruit and vegetable shop in the area (The 2 & 5 Shop). The residents have been identified as being at risk of food insecurity in research done by the State Government Neighbourhood Renewal Project.

Lack of Nearby Shops

In Norlane 26.5% of households don’t own a car and 40% only have one car per household (ABS 2012). Accessing fresh food without a car in this suburb is difficult. There is only one fruit and vegetable shop servicing the community. Planning research indicates that a person is food insecure if they have no shops within 500m of their home. An average healthy person will have difficulty  walking  home from the shops with heavy shopping bags for more than two blocks, let alone a mother with a pushchair, a senior or a person with a disability.

Poor Access to Fresh Food

Fresh food is an important part of our diet and the health benefits of a diet high in fresh foods are well documented. The Barwon region plays a significant role in Victoria’s food production, yet many of its residents face food insecurity through poor access to fresh food. This is particularly significant Norlane, which is the fourth lowest SEIFA (Disadvantage Index) in Victoria with a population of 8,000. The stigma surrounding this area also means that businesses are unwilling to invest their money in the area, as it is perceived as a high-risk insecure area.

A Need to Increase Consumption of Fresh Food

Norlane has a higher than average incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and mental health issues, there has been extensive research to show that increased consumption of fresh food reduces the risk of these diseases.

Consumption of fresh food has fallen to less than 10% of Victorians eating the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables.

2 & 5 will increase consumption of fresh food in Norlane by making it easily accessible (within walking distance for most of Norlane), make food more affordable (cheaper than the supermarkets) and increase the quality (fresher).