What is 2 & 5 ?

Fresh Vegetables

Community Food Enterprises have a long track record of improving food security in low income communities.

They also act as ‘the third place’ a space for the community to come together and a place for those who are socially isolated to make a connection to the wider world.

In a survey of local residents, 50% indicated that they would like more places to buy healthy food and 23% of participants stated they would like more places to buy healthy food within walking distance of home.

Retail and hospitality are service industries, our customer service will be a key point of difference to other retailers in the area. Our customers are not just coming in to buy fresh food, but to a place where that they have ownership of, we are not just selling fresh food, we are selling community.

We hope to create a place that is associated with healthy fresh food in Norlane, a place where locals can sit and eat healthy food, see a friendly face, buy fresh food, discuss fresh food and learn new skills around cooking and growing food.